Top Most Handsome football Players in the World 2018

Well not just in the sports of cricket, but there is a huge female fan following in the football sports ground as well. As you will catch the football sports players you will be encountering so much of the beauty in this sport for sure. There are so many handsome looking football players whom you would love watch playing the whole of your life! Let’s give a look at the top most handsome football players in the world 2018:

  1. David Villa (Spain)

David Villa is from Spain! He is a player with the tough personality features. He is fashionable always when it comes to the hairstyles. He has the excellent striking football quality. He has made the achievement of being the top goal scorer at Euro 2008. He was also the winner for the silver boot in the event of 2010 FIFA world cup.

  1. Ricardo Kaka (Brazil)


He is from Brazil. He has the good looks that can spell your heart out. He has the mesmerizing looking charming eyes with the turned out personality. He is now playing from the side of Orlando City and also from the Brazilian National Football Team. In the year 2007 he was honored with the title of World Soccer Player of the Year.

  1. Iker Casillas (Spain)

Iker Casillas is another handsome looking football players from Spain! Spain has so much beauty! He is extremely handsome and good looking with his features. He is fashionable in the dressing style sense. He is working as the captain and goalkeeper for both Spanish National Football team and so as from the side of La Liga club Real Madrid.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)


On the top without a doubt we have Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal! He is the most expensive and yet the most wanted football players in the world. He has the well build body physique with the attractive face features.

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