Top Most expensive sports to play in the world 2018

Being the part of the sports world, will 100% be helping you to stay physically fit and active all the time. Fitness is one such reality of life that cannot be denied at all.  It is helpful to keep the body healthy and active all the time. But some of the sports are just known for being expensive sports in the world. Scroll down and catch the list of well known and top 5 most expensive sports to play in the world 2018:

  1. Wing suitin

On the 5th spot we would bring you up with the name of Wing Suiting!  This is taken to be one of the exciting sports to play it all around. Purchasing the wingsuit will make you cost around $2,500.  But the interesting part of this sport is all about taking yourself high up in the air. You have to land yourself back to the ground on the safest zones.

  1. Bobsledding


Next on the list we would be bringing out with the name of Bobsledding! This sports do requires spending greater sum of money by your side. You have to purchase a vehicle that is especially meant for this sport.  If you cannot afford, then you should be having a search for the loyal sponsor to take part this sport.

  1. Sailing


Let’s just not waste time and add on with the name of sailing right here!  Sailing is all about the use of hot air balloon. You should be having a good air balloon that would be featuring the high speed use in it. You should know about the navigation skills of balloon direction.

  1. Ski Jumping

Second on the list we have the name of ski jumping! For this sport, you should be having a complete access in the skills of ski jumping. You should be an excellent trainer. You should be having all the necessary equipment for this sport.

  1. Whitianga Festival of Speed


Reaching on the top we have the name of Whitianga Festival of speed! Many of you would not be much aware from this sport! This sport is known as one of the well known motorsport! It happens in New Zealand each single year.

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