Top 5 Famous and Most Expensive Football Players

All the football lovers out there, do not miss out reading with this blog post as here we are about to discuss on with the list of famous and top 5 most expensive football players of all time. Let’s grab up the list right below here!

5. Gareth Bale


On the 5th spot we have Gareth Bale! He is the Welsh superstar and is named to be one of the successful known football players as well. In the year 2013 he made himself to be one of the most expensive players. He was transferred to the Real Madrid for a fee of €100 million just as after a six-year stint at Tottenham Hotspur.

4. Paul Pogba

In the year 2016, Manchester United signed the French international Paul Pogba for a fee of €105 million.  This was the most notable transfer news ever. This deal broke so many of the world records as well.

3. Ousmane Dembele

On the 3rd spot of top 5 most expensive football player transfer of all time we have Ousmane Dembele! He is the 20 years old most promising and most talented upcoming football players. He played for Germany just for around one year. And then Barcelona started to plan his transfer for getting his services. He was transferred to Barca for €105 million.

  1. Philippe Coutinho

Moving on with the 2nd spot we have the name of Philippe Coutinho! Liverpool purchased Philippe Coutinho from the side of Inter Milan in January 2013 for the fee of €13 million. I the time period of 5 years, English club sold the Brazilian playmaker in the reported cost of €120 million fee.

1. Neymar


On the top let’s not miss out giving the name of Neymar! Brazilian star Neymar got the transfer in 2017 at such a huge price cost fee that made him to be the world’s most expensive footballer.

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