Hollywood actors who overcame terrible drinking problems

Inside the world of Hollywood planet, the stories about celebrities are drinking, and drugs abuse is much common. As at one side, so many young celebrities are getting involved in the drinking habits, then on another side, so many Hollywood actors have overcome through this terrible drinking problem. Do you want to know about which actors we are talking about? Let’s have a look!


Zac Efron made himself to be one of the top rising stars of the Hollywood through 2006 Disney Channel smash, High School Musical. With every single year, he rose to fame that put him into pressure to sustain his popularity. Eventually, this pressure leads him to move into the world of alcohol to cope with. He unveils in his interviews that he drove into alcohol because he had a perception that something was lacking in his life.  These days he is putting himself in the habit of exercises to relax down his stress and to keep his mind off from drinking.


Bradley Cooper has the fame and success which few of the Hollywood actors have attained in their professional career. There was a time in his life when he was strongly involved in the drinking habit. But now he is making the level best efforts to overcome it.  According to him the habit of alcohol has completely ruined his life and so as his career. He destroyed all his relations and left his home because of alcoholism. It took him three years to take his life back on the track.


In 2017 interview, Brad Pitt unveiled about his relationship failure reason that took place because of the high alcoholism habit. In 2016 things went too much bad and in a private family jet, he verbally abuses his wife in front of the crowd that led to the separation. The FBI also got involved in the whole scenario. He straight forward faults the emotional suppression for his alcohol abuse by saying that there were some things in his life which he does not how to deal with. But he dealt with all those things and moved back into the life where his charming personality can make everyone to fall in love with him.

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